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COVID-19 Resources Revisited

You may have seen some infographics or articles over a year ago when the COVID-19 pandemic started. None of us knew then how much we would need information and strategies for our children this much later.

Child life specialists, educators, and mental health and medical professionals are keeping at it to provide support and quality resources. Now that COVID-19 is still here and more real than ever for children, plus as we enter RSV and flu season, how do you face the piles of internet searches and scrolling through posts available for your questions?

“How do I explain this? getting tested? vaccines? why is my child behaving differently? what will happen when we go back to school? How can I help my child cope?”

Here is a specially selected list of recent and re-visit worthy articles, videos, and resources for families and children:

How to Talk About It

How to Talk to Kids about Corona Virus Covid-19, from the Child Life Saver blog

COVID-19 Resources for Kids and Families, from Johns Hopkins, options available in Spanish and Arabic

Emotional Support

VIDEO: Coronavirus: Kids and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic, UC Davis Health interview with Dr. Breanna Winder-Patel, clinical psychologist

Back to School

Child Life Interventions and Education, The Association of Child Life Professionals