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Back to School, Part I

Young girl doing school work virtual

The time is upon us… Back to School.

Whether you live in an area where your kids are a few weeks into “back to school” mode or the start is around the corner for your family, we wanted to share a few resources for helping your family cope with this transition. Back to school has probably never looked more different than it does this school year, thus adding to the many changes that COVID-19 has caused in 2020. We wanted to share a few resources to promote coping with such a different start to the school year.

Sometimes we all need a break and our children are no different. We’ve included a few resources for “brain breaks”.

Virtual schooling creates an increase in both screen-time and stimulation for many children. While we tend to think of overstimulation as being from physical activity, loud environments, or constant noise, continuously focusing on anything can be overstimulating for many kids. LipGloss and Crayons provides some tips for making sure kids and adults have the opportunity for daily quiet time in her blog post.

We have also heard from families that activities as an “energy release” have become a bigger need with virtual learning.

CosmicKidsYoga teaches yoga to kids in such fun ways. My friend Kate shares that her pre-K age daughter loves the Frozen episode.

InMotion.OT shares some great activities that work towards various occupational therapy goals for some kids or can just be a new and different, inside friendly, way to take a brain break, too. 

And because we believe in giving credit where credit is due, a thank you shootout to fellow child life specialist, Kate Bellamy, for sharing a few of these great tips and resources that she’s been implementing at home with her two kiddos.


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