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Mum listening to child life specialists podcast

Podcasts are more popular now, more than ever. They are a great tool to learn about a subject while also being entertained. Many podcasts offer insightful information while majority are also free to listen to. While the Child Life profession continues to expand, a few organization and Child Life Specialists are utilizing podcasts as a means to educate and share about the profession and their professional journey. We have included a few podcasts that can be a resource to parents and caregivers for helping their children cope with stressors.  A few child life podcasts…  The Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) produces #ChildLife, a podcast geared towards Child Life professionals. The podcast highlights happenings at the ACLP, shares and trends news related to the profession. #ChildLife is a source for information about upcoming events such as the annual Child Life Conferences as well as information related to these events such as a guide to submitting an abstract for a conference presentation.   Child Life On-Call is a podcast created by fellow child life specialist, Katie Taylor. Child Life On-Call highlights families with children who have an illness or medical condition. These families share their stories with Child Life Specialist, Katie, and highlight the powerful way these experiences have affected these families. Child Life On-Call also created episodes featuring various other child life specialists and professionals geared towards helping kids cope.   The Child Life Cooperative aims to highlight real life stories of Child Life Specialists in the field. Allie Jones, the creator of The Child Life Cooperative, also shares different perspectives from child life specialists in her blog. Plus a few podcasts that other parents have shared as helpful resources for helping their kids cope…  Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza Pressman airs a new episode every Friday. Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Aliza Pressman, covers a variety of topics on raising kids and tips and techniques for handling some of life’s trying times.  Parental As Anything with Maggie Dent is a podcast geared towards the everyday parent and lends itself to offer relatable and practical advice. Parental As Anything covers difficult topics such as navigating grief and loss with children or supporting a child with anxiety.  

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