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Hearts Connected Affiliate Network 


Hearts Connected will soon be launching an exclusive opportunity to seasoned certified child life specialists. An opportunity to join an established community- based practice, supporting pediatric mental wellness. 

Caring Child
  • We realize that starting a business is hard, expensive, time-consuming and daunting for those that don't have experience in developing start-ups.  We also understand the challenges with marketing to parents, families and organizations related to behavioral health resources. 

  • HCAN members will benefit from the collaboration that Hearts Connected has developed, businesses, programs, company partnerships, etc. 

  • This opportunity will be for only a limited number of CCLS, providing a business structure to support and/or launch your private practice career. We make it easy to start your business, handling all the set-up details. This will be for independent contractors or for those with an established LLC. 

  • Community based CCLS need clinical oversight and can benefit from a network of colleagues to support them in both their clinical practice and their business journey. HCAN will review clinical practice monthly and meet quarterly with the specialist to discuss the sessions reviewed.

  • Reasonable start- up fee and a minimal monthly charge.