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Start up
Add on
Hearts Connected email address
Access to Hearts Connected Office Suite (Teams, Sharepoint, One Note, Etc.)
Access to consents and client forms
Online Bookings (4)-Phone Consult, 45 min virtual, 60 min virtual, In person
Additional bookings; >4
HIPPA compliant client record storage
Client billing
Bi-Weekly Direct Deposit
Listed by state on main website
Announcement on Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
Access to online platforms that Hearts Connected uses
Quick start marketing guide
Individual web page (homepage); link to your current page, as applicable
Additional web pages off of homepage
Orientation, up to 2 hours
Digital business cards and branded email signature
Social Media assessment and guidance
Update or build Wix or Word Press website
Transition existing website to Wix or Word Press Site
Quarterly clinical quality review
Monthly meetings with members in the network
Quarterly opportunity to write and publish blog post
Quarterly opportunity to record a live video for Hearts Connected pages (Reel, YouTube video, etc)
Administrative support needed for client services
Educational offerings; 10 annual PDUs
Discounted educational programs
Buzzy Champion: Pain Care Lab business partner