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Pediatric Clinicians

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Virtual Child Life Services in Your Clinic

Hearts Connected Support Program

Implement virtual child life support services into your clinic with ease to provide on-demand and cost-effective mental health support to your patients, decrease medical trauma, and increase compliance and cooperation today!


Medical Resilience Training

Live 90 minute webinar, taught by a Certified Child Life Specialist, to learn and implement trauma-informed techniques to decrease pediatric anxiety and medical trauma, and increase healthy coping with medical experiences. 

Pediatric Surgical Prep Program

A training program designed to enhance the skill set of medical health professionals in surgical centers and procedural suites by providing the tools for patient-facing staff to feel confident and competent in supporting pediatric populations.


Have a patient who would benefit from child life services & mental health support? 

Refer a child or teen today!

We have no waiting list.


"Throughout my career as a pediatrician, I have witnessed the profound impact Child Life Specialists have on the lives of the children and families they support. From easing medical fear, teaching coping skills and offering individualized therapeutic support, they go above and beyond at addressing the needs of the whole child. Child Life Specialists are the unsung heroes of pediatric care and amazing mental health clinicians!"


Dr. Stephanie Walsh, Board Certified Pediatrician

Read Our White Paper

Enhancing Pediatric Mental Health: The Integral Role of Certified Child Life Specialists

Learn how child life services can be adapted to serve the mental health needs of patients outside of the hospital or medically-related experiences.


Free Resources for Families

Healing Hearts Webinar

Healing Hearts is a free grief webinar for parents and guardians of grieving children to learn what their child understands about death and ways to support them with their grief.

Parent Guide: How to Make Pokes Easier for your Child

Resource for parents needs support with tools and techniques to decrease needle anxiety.

Published Articles

Our blog is filled with research, guidance, support, tools, and

resources on various subjects for parents.

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