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Teaching Kids Self-Love

Self-love: it’s something we all struggle with sometimes, especially in moments of uncertainty or vulnerability. It’s a trait that is constantly growing and changing within us as we grow up and learn more about the world and ourselves. But many times, we forget to teach the kids in our lives to take the time and love themselves, admire themselves, and feel proud of who they are. Starting early in teaching children to be confident and love themselves is a key component to having higher self-esteem later in life. Kids tend to learn best through hands-on experiences, so here’s one activity that you can use to start facilitating conversations about fostering self-love.

Self-Love Caterpillar


● Colored construction paper

● Scissors

● Glue/tape

● Pen/marker


1) Cut the construction paper into several circles and small strips for antennas and legs

2) On one circle, draw a face

3) On the other circles, write things that you love about yourself– the more, the better!

4) Glue/tape all the circles together in one long caterpillar body, then attach legs and antennas.

You now have a self-love caterpillar! This activity is great for parents, teachers, or any professional who works with young kids and can even be modified for teens. Providing examples of what you love about them also promotes a sense of affirmation and verbal appreciation that they may not have known. Doing a self-love activity together shows kids that it’s okay to love yourself and promotes a sense of closeness that all kids need.

For any questions about building self-love in kids or self-esteem activities, please reach out!


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