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Organization Support Services

We are passionate about partnering with like-minded organizations focused on supporting children and families, as well as helping businesses and facilities improve pediatric care and support to children through trainings, consultation services, and outsourcing. 


Pediatric Surgical Prep Program (PSPP)

A training program designed to enhance the skill set of medical health professionals in surgical centers and procedural suites by providing the tools for patient-facing staff to feel confident and competent in supporting pediatric populations.


Medical Resilience Training: Trauma-informed Approach to Decreasing Pediatric Anxiety

Live, 90 minute webinar for medical professionals to learn and implement skills and techniques into their practice in order to decrease medical trauma and promote resiliency.


Virtual Child Life Services for Your Facility - HC Support

Provides an opportunity for health care institutions and child life departments to increase mental health support to children and teens at a lower cost than a FTE through virtual child life services. 


Interested in a Partnership?

We would love to hear from you! Want to partner together, learn more about what we do, or integrate us into your service offerings? Contact our Operations Manger to set up a meeting!

Stand out among the rest!

Be an organization that is committed to quality pediatric care.

Not only will the children and families you serve experience benefits from our program offerings, but your business will too! Offices can anticipate an impact on their patient numbers/referrals, staff morale, customer satisfaction scores, and financial earnings. 

Need an easy way to refer patients to us?

Download our flyer and print a few copies to always have available to provide to children and families that would benefit from child life services.

Common referrals include: fear of needles, upcoming surgery/procedure, medical anxiety, difficulty coping with significant life change, and grief and loss.

Do you want to sponsor a webinar or collaborate with us?

An opportunity to connect with thousands of child life professionals, parents, mental health providers, and more!

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