children with hearts

Hearts Connected is a professional organization supporting children through challenging situations.

Helping kids cope, grieve, & heal

Here are just a few of the many ways we can help...

  • Preparing families for procedures, medical or dental visits, and doctor appointments

  • Helping parents through conversations regarding grief, loss, and end of life circumstances

  • Supporting kids in overcoming medical challenges with medications and fear of doctor visits

  • Navigating discussions related to life transitions such as divorce, imprisonment, or deployment.

  • Helping children understand a new diagnosis and navigating the care that is involved

  • Support for the sibling of the child with special needs.

  • Developing success strategies for new routines virtual learning and social distancing


Our Child Life Professionals are certified and clinically trained in the developmental impact that illness, injury, trauma, and loss can have on a child.


We have specific training based in the hospital setting giving us valuable medical knowledge to educate, prepare, and support children of all ages.

To reduce fear and anxiety, Child Life Specialists utilize developmentally and psychologically appropriate tools such as therapeutic play, coping interventions, and supportive resources. Helping kids cope, grieve and heal.

We can help in numerous situations, including coping through fear of challenging circumstances, grief, loss or death, and also coping through life transitions.

Meet some of our team members here.

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"Tisha is so proud of her mom, but she doesn't understand why she is always leaving. She has started having nightmares at night about if her mother is safe and will come home the next time..."

Coping with Fear of Challenging Circumstances

We can guide you through those conversations or work directly with your child to help them to understand and cope with the most challenging of life circumstances