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Parents and Caregivers

How We Can Help


Managing a new diagnosis or just working through the scary feelings sometimes associated with being in a medical setting is not always easy.

  • Pediatrician Visits; fear of exam or of shots

  • Understanding or preparing for a medical procedure or test

  • Difficulty with taking pills

  • Managing new home routines associated with a new diagnosis

  • Understanding a medical environment that their loved one is in ( ICU, Hospice, Cancer treatment, etc.)

  • COVID-19 lifestyle changes

We can get an understanding from you of the circumstances and what challenges you are facing. We can then work with your child to help them understand and process through feelings at their developmental level.

Pet Loss

Loss of a loved one is difficult for children to process and loss of a pet is no different.

  • Deciding on how to tell your child?

  • Should your child say goodbye?

  • Is your child present during the passing?

  • How do you answer all of the tough questions?

  • How can you help your child manage the sadness?

We can help you decide what would be best for your child based on their age and developmental level or we can work with your child and help them process their feelings in a way  that they understand.

Life Changes

Crisis and anxiety looks different for everyone. If we as adults have feelings surrounding a situation, the children in our lives do as well. 

  • Alterations in routine

  • School stressors

  • Separation/Divorce/ Custody

  • Adoption

  • Foster Care

  • Incarceration or Deployment

  • Hospitalization

  • Trauma

  • Moving loved ones into assisted living

Transitions are hard and we can help you talk through these situations and help your child to cope with their feelings and express their thoughts and fears.

Loss and Grief

Grief comes in all shapes and sizes. It is hard for us as adults and it is hard for children. 

Children think of death and process their feelings very differently at all ages. 

We can help you throughout the process, beginning at the end of life through the funeral and thereafter.

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