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Community Partners

Companies supporting the work that we do as child life specialists...

1st Call triage logo.png

Telephone triage service that partners with physician practices across the US to provide healthcare advice to patients 24/7. Specially trained RNs deliver safe and accurate care to both adult and pediatric patients with every call.

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TeleWellness Community provides support for doctors, patients and wellness specialists through a community network of specialists to support people between the office visits and during the necessary changes that need to occur to lead healthier lifestyles.

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Anytime Pediatrics is a complete pediatric virtual care that connects patients and pediatric clinicians in an innovative way that fosters positive patient outcomes, family and clinician satisfaction, and continuity of care.

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Buzzy champion logo.png

Buzzy is a powerful palm-sized pal with the right frequency of vibration to cancel nearby pain. Bring Buzzy® to the doctor for vaccinations or blood draws. Use Buzzy anywhere to make self-injecting or infusions easier, fingersticks a non-issue, and dialysis and port access less stressful.

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Kids Boost is a nonprofit designed to empower future philanthropists and social entrepreneurs ages 8 to 14.

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Dr. Noze Best was founded to bring relief to families battling the forces of upper respiratory discomfort and illness. The company is led by Dr. Steven Goudy, who developed the NozeBot, a battery-powered suction device designed to clear nasal congestion in babies and children.

Child Life On Call Podcast

Child Life on Call is a podcast by Katie Taylor, CCLS where parents share their journeys and experiences related to having a child with an illness or medical condition.

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Kate’s Club empowers children facing life after the death of a parent or sibling. Building healing communities through recreational and group support programs, education, and advocacy.